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Jarley Week: Day 3 - Headcanon - Jake and Marley move to LA together, Marley eventually becomes a singer/songwriter. Jake starts off dancing in music videos and ends up being his own singer and staring in his own music videos.

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Jarley week: Day 2 “Future AU”

Jarley proposal; “He looked at her. She looked at him. They both smiled. They’re both in love. No regrets at all.” x


Jarley Week: Day 2- Future AU- Jarley’s engagement/wedding

Jarley — Future Au — Text Messages

Jake : Hey babe, I’m on lunch break right now. I’m already missing you…


Marley : Aww, miss you too babe…


J : lol

M : How are your students? Are they getting better?

J : Of course they are! I’m teaching them.

M : Oh, I forgot the highly decorated Julliard alumni and owner of the studio is teaching them today.

J : Yeah, you forgot those small details.

M : lol

J : How did your day go Mrs Puckerman?

M : It’s been great Mr Puckerman. I met up with a few managers today. They were asking me to write a song for their talents.

J : That’s what you get for winning awards and being one of the top NYADA students in your batch.

M : Aww, Thanks babe!

J : Haha remember in one of your awarding for song writer of the year, when you had that red lipstick on?

M : Which one?

J : This one…


M : Oh, that one. Yes I do. :) What about it?

J : I just remembered about it cause one of my students had lipstick marks on his neck when he came in the class. Everybody was laughing at him. (And you remember what you did to me before the awarding ceremony began right? **wink**)

M : lol yes, I remember clearly now. Haha. But seriously, poor guy though.

J : I beg to differ…based on the amount of lipstick on his neck.

M : Babeee! lol

J : Just kidding babe. I’ll be home soon. Where are Mia and Elijah at?

M : Here waiting for you.


J : Nice. Give them a kiss for me. See you guys soon. :) Love you! ♥

M : Love you too! ♥


Jarley week: Day 1 - Dream Duet (Say Something)


Jake + Marley | Can I Have This Dance

♫ I Choose You Sara Bareilles ♫



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